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Mexico City and Guadalajara are two of the largest cities in Mexico and because of this, demographics and grater purchasing power, you will regularly get attractive offers and all sort of discounts, to travel all over, but mainly, to one of the most famous and gorgeous beaches in the world: Acapulco, Mexico.
Because of the start of the vacation season, most of the Mexican aviation companies in Mexico City and Guadalajara reported full flights to Acapulco even when aircraft were available. Unfortunately, they will remain grounded, mainly due to the shortage of non-union crew members.

Since VATSIM/VATMEX has being authorized to assist on this urgent matter, multiple authorities did make an official request to provide the qualified crew members to operate the grounded equipment. In turn, it will increase the required relief to avoid tourists to get stranded hence covering and almost duplicating the number of flight of the routes MMMX-MMAA-MMGL and MMGL-MMAA-MMMX during the vacation season.

In addition and because of the increase of the regular traffic on these routes, it has being urgently requested to the Minister of Communications, to provide special considerations and resources in order to provide all and full ATC services to all the pilots on ALL of these three airports in order to securely and promptly assure the regular flow of flights without further delays to the tourists and most importantly, at the highest safety level. So, expect FULL ATC SERVICE in all the routes.

Hence, your mission, as non-union Crew member, should you choose to accept it, is either to select one of the following flights: MMMX-MMAA-MMGL or MMGL-MMAA-MMMX.

Hope you decide to fly both legs, so everyone can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Acapulco bay....

Hope to see you there!!

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